Tiger Pep Band Officers

Student Led Since 1995

Tiger Pep Band has always been led by a talented group of students. They come from both the College of Liberal Arts and School of Music. Holding a leadership role in the band helps students build their resumes and prepares them for careers in business, education, or public service.

The band is seeking interested students for all leadership positions. First year students to seniors are invited to apply to join the leadership team.

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DirectorLeading the way to Blackstock Stadium.


Fearless Leader

Tiger Pep Band's director provides overall leadership for the ensemble. He or she must dream big, be highly motivated, love a challenge, and never quit. Past directors have gone on to work in the U.S. Senate, start their own successful companies, and won awards for their community leadership.

I'm Fearless

ConductorConducting at the NCAA Basketball Championship.

Conductor — Associate Director

Master of Music

Taking charge of all things musical, the Conductor is the Associate Director, rehearses the band, and leads it in performance. The position requires a good ear and a level head. Music Education majors find being Tiger Pep Band's Conductor is excellent preparation for their future teaching career and looks great on a resume. Past Conductors of the Tiger Pep Band have become professional musicians and conducted other groups around the world. One is now a conductor for the U.S. Army Bands.

Music is My Life

Assistant Director of FinanceMaking sure the band can fund its awards, travel, and operations.

Assistant Director of Finance

Keeper of Cash

Running Tiger Pep Band is running a business. The Assistant Director of Finance plans the budget each year and keeps the band on track, so she or he must have oustanding attention to detail. In partnership with the Assistant Director of Outreach, the Assistant Director of Finance builds partnerships to secure all the resources needed for the band.

Dollars Make Sense to Me

Assistant Director of OutreachRepresenting at Relay For Life.

Assistant Director of Outreach

Building a Better Band

The Assistant Director of Outreach takes lead on keeping the band connected with other student organizations, student government, community groups, and other partners. He or she works with the TigerTeamTS to plan the band's marketing campaign, and supports the Assistant Director of Finance's work to find new resources and funds.

Let's Have Coffee

Operations MangerSetting up for a performance at Wabash College.

Assistant Director of Operations

Sentinel of Stuff

Without the Assistant Director of Operations, Tiger Pep Band goes nowhere. She or he makes sure that the group has everything it needs for every performance. Maintaining that property, worth thousands of dollars, requires careful planning. The Assistant Director of Operations also supervises the band's library and facility arrangements and cooperates with the Assistant Director of Finance for budgeting and purchasing.

Yes, I'm a Wizard

TigerTeam (TS)Keeping the band charged up all year long.

TigerTeamTS — Assistant Directors of Membership

Best Band Buddies Ever

The TigerTeamTS is a terrific tandem of two (two!) Tigers, fueled by an infinite supply of Tiger Spirit. In performance, they keep the band (and fans) on their feet, cheering, laughing, and roaring like Tigers. They dutifuly recognize outstanding band members, run the awards program, and organize the annual Tiger Bandquet. Most importantly, the TigerTeamTS, as the Assistant Directors of Membership, cooperate with the Director throughout the year to lead all band members in finding new friends to join the Tiger Pep Band.

Do It Nao!